Thursday, May 13, 2010

Portfolio: Cebu Institute of Medicine Amphitheater 3

The administration of Cebu Institute of Medicine commissioned us to design the proposed renovation of Amphitheater 3 located at their Main Building.  

The main purpose of the renovation was to provide better theater facilities, expand seating capacity and modernize the atmosphere of the theater.
The walls are fabric upholstered to achieve better sound absorption.  The ceiling is semi curved for aesthetic and acoustic purposes.

Completed in the year 2005

Portfolio: National Shrine of St. Joseph Rectory, Baptistry and Social Hall

We were commissioned to do the Design and Masterplan of the Rectory, Baptistry and Social Hall of the National Shrine of St Joseph in located Mandaue City, Cebu late 2004.

The  rectory will accommodate all priests and all other administrative activities of the church. The Baptistry and Social Hall is provided to accommodate activities for the Mandaue residents.
 Architectural Scale Model of the Project-Rectory

 Architectural Scale Model of the Project-Social hall 

Today, the administration of the National Shrine of St Joseph has partially completed the Rectory.

We have moved!

Our new office contact details:

Erazo + Inciong Designs, Co.
Unit 3A Third Floor M&J Ortiz Bldg.,
V. Rama Ave., Guadalupe Cebu City

Tel No: (6332)2556260

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Erazo Inciong Roncesvalles Architects Portfolio: Pre-school Building

A design collaboration by Erazo + Inciong Designs, Co and Ritchie F Roncesvalles.
The program goal for the client was to create at least 4 classrooms for pre-school aged children within a very restrictive budget.  We begun design with alternatives considering cost differences and unique needs of the school.  This is an expression of the innovation and creativity and vision of our client's unique needs and vision.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Portfolio:Cebu Institute of Medicine Skills Laboratory

One of a few projects that we are thankful for is coming across such a project with special requirements such as a Clinical Skills Laboratory. A skills laboratory is a dedicated instructional room with dozens of interactive models and simulators for training and self study.

The Skills laboratory is located at 3rd Floor CIM, F. Ramos st. Cebu City.
(Completed 2007)