Friday, December 30, 2011

Portfolio: Oslob House

Location: Oslob, Cebu
Area: approx 380 sqm
Client: Private
Completion: 2011

Situated on a highly sloped lot, the goal was to provide the client with accessibility while presenting a hidden oasis, enjoying the full view of the sea. It is a product of combined charm and elegance of materials and the simplicity of lines.

The design as exemplified in a contemporary plan, by the introduction of an entrance foyer with high ceiling, locates the living areas to enjoy the full view of the sea. Louvered canopy around the living areas gently illuminate the viewing deck with southeastern light and encourage natural ventilation.

Extensive full height windows, uncomplicated concrete and stone finishes and interior hardwood floors further strengthen the focus to dissolve borders between building and landscape.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Before and After:Kitchen Renovation

A few weeks ago, we were tasked to renovate an outdated and inefficient kitchen.

BEFORE: View from Service Door
BEFORE: View from Main Stairs
We spent a lot of compressed time brainstorming and sketching different layouts before landing on a solution that worked for the client and their budget. After gutting the space, we reconfigured the existing kitchen to achieve better flow and connection to the dining area and other living spaces. 

AFTER: View from Service Door
Natural daylight was also a priority. To achieve this, we installed a larger window, to light up the entire kitchen, provided a light-colored countertops and painted the walls off-white. Warm base and wall cabinets balance out the white, while accent tiles add warmth to the space.

AFTER: Addition of an intimate Island Counter

AFTER: View from Main stairs

The kitchen is still modest in size, so we also had to be creative about ways to boost its efficiency. Light colors make it feel more spacious, while providing full-height cabinets helps reduce the visual clutter at the counters. 

Completed November 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Portfolio: Kiosk

Scale Model by Project Box Inc.

This food kiosk was inspired from the old taverns of the west. Wood was the primary material. Though not in large chunks like the logs that dominate the facade of the taverns, a louvered arrangement of stained wood helps lighten the "heavy" look and actual weight of the kiosk.

The exposed roof framing, the overall wood theme and the old rustic look and feel of the structure combine together and make as the characteristic that define the concept of the image of the kiosk.

Kiosk Design Completed 2010
Scale model by Project Box Inc 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Repurpose: To Declutter

Chair made of Cardboard Tubes

Re-purposing  these cardboard tubes was one way to declutter our office  of these tubes.

Aside from giving these tubes new life and purpose, it was also a way of helping reduce waste and junk.

Check it out when you visit our office  :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Portfolio:Architectural Interiors for Subdivision Model Units

We were asked to design interiors for the six (6) model units of a subdivision located in the northern Cebu, to give prospective house owners a better idea of how their space can be used.  

The model units ranges from 44sqm to grand house of 197sqm. The scheme is asian-contemporary inspired, flooded with warm, soothing tones, and features custom designed furniture, rugs and vibrant artwork and fabrics throughout.

Completed: 2007
Photographs: Allan Cuizon

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Portfolio: Doctors' Clinic @ CDU

This was relatively a unique design problem compared to what we’re used to. For one, the spaces, basic wall finishes and furnishings are already in place. All the clients had to to do was to move in and do their business. 

As always, listening to what they had to say was key into formulating our design solution on this project. However small it was, work was no less difficult and challenging as those we’ve undertaken in the past.

The two doctors sharing the space have  different fields of specialization and the styles they are inclined to are contrasting.  Although both like to have spaces that look and feeldifferent from most clinics.
The design parameters were therefore defined by how much they were alike and contrasting at the same time. Since both have common area on reception and waiting lounges, the common preferences on treatments and finishes and styles is automatically the logical solution. Their contrasting difference on their preferences and treatment highlighted each of their respective consultation rooms.

Photography, which is a hobby for one of the client, came in handy as an idea of infants and pregnant women as subjects used as unifying elements. Patients, as infants and adults, made an otherwise boring and flat wall into an interesting mural and practically boasts of the good things their practice contributed to their patients’ well being.  Graphics, murals and visuals were  produced and installed by Project Box Inc

Collectively, the concept was to create an environment efficiently planned without sacrificing an important component to a doctors‘ clinic--comfort and sensitivity to the patients’ needs, an environment that is soothing, relaxing and therefore ideal for those who seek alleviation from their health concerns.

Completed 2011
Text by RRR