Thursday, April 28, 2011

Portfolio: Doctors' Clinic @ CDU

This was relatively a unique design problem compared to what we’re used to. For one, the spaces, basic wall finishes and furnishings are already in place. All the clients had to to do was to move in and do their business. 

As always, listening to what they had to say was key into formulating our design solution on this project. However small it was, work was no less difficult and challenging as those we’ve undertaken in the past.

The two doctors sharing the space have  different fields of specialization and the styles they are inclined to are contrasting.  Although both like to have spaces that look and feeldifferent from most clinics.
The design parameters were therefore defined by how much they were alike and contrasting at the same time. Since both have common area on reception and waiting lounges, the common preferences on treatments and finishes and styles is automatically the logical solution. Their contrasting difference on their preferences and treatment highlighted each of their respective consultation rooms.

Photography, which is a hobby for one of the client, came in handy as an idea of infants and pregnant women as subjects used as unifying elements. Patients, as infants and adults, made an otherwise boring and flat wall into an interesting mural and practically boasts of the good things their practice contributed to their patients’ well being.  Graphics, murals and visuals were  produced and installed by Project Box Inc

Collectively, the concept was to create an environment efficiently planned without sacrificing an important component to a doctors‘ clinic--comfort and sensitivity to the patients’ needs, an environment that is soothing, relaxing and therefore ideal for those who seek alleviation from their health concerns.

Completed 2011
Text by RRR