Saturday, July 7, 2012

Before & After: Walk-in Closet

Design and Build: Erazo Inciong Designs, Co
Location: Mandaue City Cebu
Completion:June 2012 

 It has been a not-so-long journey since we have started this makeover since the 3rd week of May. This journey started  as a design concept to transform an existing dark bedroom and create an open type walk-in closet which can also function as a family room and a light and airy bedroom. 

Before pics: after dismantling outdated cabinets
Before pics: after dismantling outdated cabinets
Before: The room felt small because of dark colored walls

 We wanted a "clean", contemporary and unobstructed feel of the wardrobe cabinets while still maintaining a timeless feel, so we opted for a white lacquer cabinetry with apple green and silver accents.

New Lacquer White Cabinets with Sliding Glass doors

Wall-hung drawers to keep everything in place

Wall hung headboard which function as a side table

TV Area cabinet
TubeChair--accent chair at the TV Area.

 In the cabinets, everything has its place, socks, watches, formal gowns. It was also imperative that we use the full height of the the ceiling to maximize space and reachable space. 

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