Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Before and After:Kitchen Renovation

A few weeks ago, we were tasked to renovate an outdated and inefficient kitchen.

BEFORE: View from Service Door
BEFORE: View from Main Stairs
We spent a lot of compressed time brainstorming and sketching different layouts before landing on a solution that worked for the client and their budget. After gutting the space, we reconfigured the existing kitchen to achieve better flow and connection to the dining area and other living spaces. 

AFTER: View from Service Door
Natural daylight was also a priority. To achieve this, we installed a larger window, to light up the entire kitchen, provided a light-colored countertops and painted the walls off-white. Warm base and wall cabinets balance out the white, while accent tiles add warmth to the space.

AFTER: Addition of an intimate Island Counter

AFTER: View from Main stairs

The kitchen is still modest in size, so we also had to be creative about ways to boost its efficiency. Light colors make it feel more spacious, while providing full-height cabinets helps reduce the visual clutter at the counters. 

Completed November 2011

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